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A healthy lifestyle certainly reduces the odds of getting any cancer but does not eliminate it. I have researched the mega dose vit. C regimen and although it has not been shown to hurt it has not been shown to have any effect on existing cancers. The clinical trial showed more response from the placebo than from the Vitamin C.

As for the cancer your Mom has.
Tumours look different than hemmerhoids. Hemmerhoids are a smooth bump while tumours are lumpy. That's the easy part of identification.
The biopsy will have to go to pathology to get a definitive identification of what the growth is before the doctors decide on a course of action. You would not want to undergo a rectal resection/chemo and radiation because of a benign growth. I had a tumour in the same place. (male, 45 at diagnoses) It was too involved in the rectal wall to remove and I had to have the entire rectum removed and I have a permanent colostomy. The stoma is located just to the left of my navel. It shows a bit through clothing but those who don't know I have one don't seem to notice it. I notice it but then I am looking down at it, not face on.

Form fitting clothing may not be in order at least at first while healing from this surgery[B] if it comes to that.[/B] At first I wore pants one size larger and held up with suspenders. I now wear the same clothing I wore before, right sized pants with a belt. I simply have to wear the belt lower than before. Car seat belts can go over or under the stoma.

There are ostomy forums on the web for support and info. Type "ostomy forums" into google for a list.

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