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First and foremost, I have no insurance and am barely making my bills so going to a doctor is a rare occurance.

I started having diarrhea at the end of Fenruary 2004. It wasn't urgent, so I ignored it. They are loose stools, sometimes foul smelling (my boyfriend described it as burning rubber), sometimes they float, and sometimes they are painful and it burns, and sometimes it is undigested. (I can see cracker crumbs from the night before) There is no blood in the stool and I did have a occult stool test done and I have no blood in my stool. Every once in a while I will have bright red "dropplets" on the toilet paper, but I thought that that was from having diarrhea for so long.

I read on a message board that this women would feel a gass bubble right before she had to go to the bathroom. I feel that everyday. Right before I have to go to the bathroom. I thought this was normal.

I self diagnosed myself with Celiac disease in the end of July and have been on a gluten free diet, but the diarrhea hasn't gone away.

In fact, now I have a mixture of diarrhea and constipation. I run to the bathroom, go 1/2 of what I normally go, and then feel like something is blocking it and I can't go anymore even though I feel like I'm not done. Now the diarrhea is more urgent where I have to stop what I'm doing to go.

Other things that might be important:

It doesn't matter what or when I eat. I still feel the same way.

I am always cold, or have ice cold hands or feet.

My mouth is always dry and I drink 10 glasses of water per day (average).

I normally sleep 10 hours a day, soundly, and am still tired when I wake up.

I have very little energy during the day. I don't even feel like cleaning.

I'm 22 years old, eat healthy, but rarely excersise (the no energy thing).

Sometimes my stomach hurts. I hurts right below the rib cage (3 inch. above the belly) in the upper abdomen area or 1/2 an inch above the belly on both righ and the left sides of the abdomen. I've had this pain before when I was 17 and it hurt so bad that I had to go to the emergancy room. My stats were fine and I had no gall stones so they thought I was making it up and sent me home. (My family thought I was making it up too because the doctors couldn't find anything). It is the same feeling now as it was then only 10 times better.

My lower back aches. It is a dull ache and sometimes it burns.

OK, way long, I know, but if ANYONE has, had or is haveing these symptoms PLEASE let me know. I have ignored this for too long and I have no idea what is going on.


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