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Blood appearing in the toilet bowl can be startling but often times it looks like more then there actually is.
My father was diagnosed with rectal cancer after presistant bleeding in 2002, bowel frequency and loose stools. Shortly after that, ironically, I developed rectal bleeding, you can imagine how fearful I was, I do understand your concerns believe me!
Rectal bleeding can be caused by many things other than cancer including but not limited to hemmroids. Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, infection, fissures, ulcers, benign polyps, inflammation and Diverticular disease are just some culprits.
How is your appetite? Have you had a noticable change in your bowel movements, consistancy, frequency? These symptoms were very apparent with my Dad before he was diagnosed. My Dad's tumor was only an inch or so from the anus so he actually could feel it when sitting down (I can't imagine how uncomfortable that would be). He is such a couragous man.
Polyps can turn malignant if left to long, they can take up to ten years.
I suffer alot with constipation, after my colonoscopy results showed no signs of cancer or polyps, I am making modifications in my diet, more fiber which has helped. Constipation alone can irritate and injure the mucosa lining in the rectum especially when straining to have a bowel movement.
When is your appointment? Try not to worry to much, I know that it is hard but anxiety can make symptoms worse.
Take care.
PS Just thought I would mention, my Dad has been cancer free for 2 years!

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