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My 49 yo brother was in the hospital for about 10 days with intermittent stomach cramping and diahrrea. Had a boat load of tests.... x-rays, 3 cat scans and nothing was definitive. On Tues 928/04 they decided to do an exploratory surgery, thinking maybe it was IBS, Crohn's, anitbiotic colitis from supposed UTI, diverticulitis, colitis or possible appendicitis that wasn't presenting itself in the traditional manner.

The surgeon cmae out and told us (my mother and I) that he had "never seen anything like this"........ "this is about as bad as it gets" was metastatic (sp) stage 4, dukes d, colon cancer. I still cannot believe it....... seems like a nightmare. He had a colonoscopy that was supposedly normal on April 16, 2004. How fast do these things grow? His UTI was actually a large growth that was like a rock that was blocking his uterer. The surgeon shaved it down to help the flow of things but they're keepng a watch on his right kidney. The tumor originated in the cecum and burst sending nodules everywhere........ too numerous to count.

The drs have told us obviously that the prognosis is not good......... he'll start chemo on Wed 10/13/04. I'm not sure exactly what they're hoping for, or if it's just for palliative purposes. They're using FU-5 and Avastatin.

To make matters worse he was downsized from an IT company about 18 mos ago and his cobra runs out 11/16/04. I talked to my insurance agent and I believe I've gotten him into the IL CHIPS program.

He also had a 16" resection of his ascending colon. He still has terrible diahrrea and no appetite. The surgeon said it could be becasue there are so many nodules that the colon isn't as pliable as a helathy colon. He has lost about 30 lbs. Will the chemo give him more diahrrea? I've been trying to encourage him to try the brat diet....... bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast. The dr suggested a low residue diet......... but at this point I'm telling him to eat anything that appeals to him, just so he can regain his strength. Are milkshakes OK? For as much as he talked about food fantasies while in the hospital nothing appeals to him now and he doesn't have an appetite.

With the diahrrea how do you know what's the cancer, the chemo or the resection?

Anyone have anything similar going on..............
any advice, encouragment, insight would be grealty appreciated.

God Bless Everyone on Their Journey.......

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