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I am waiting - three weeks out - to have my third colonscopy and it is terrifying me. . .
Here is a bit of background, maybe someone can help me through the waiting because I am on pins and needles.

I believe I have colon cancer. Two aunts have died young from undiagnosed colon cancer, three cousins have have their colons removed at a very early age(all under 21), my mom and her four sisters have been diagnosed with FAP and or colon cancer. Of my mom and two surviving siblings, they have all had their colongs removed. My mother has gone through a horrendous amount of surgeries and such with her FAP and cancer. My doctor has told me over and over again that I need my colon removed, but cancer was never detected... I figured I was safe. I do not have insurance so this is coming out of pocket... but all my symptoms, plus knowing I have rapid growing polyps.... leads me to think I have cancer. I have this weird intuition that... makes me believe I have colon cancer. And I'm scared. I know there are many things out there to help, to remove the cancer... but I'm single. Twenty one. Starting college in Jan. and... well, I want my colon. I don't want a bag... I know, I'm being vane... but I just don't want to have that bag on the outside. I'm just scared with this all coming out, plus my mother is in the hospital at the moment getting her J-pouch removed. . . I just needed to get this out - and I can't talk to my family right now, because we're stressed out enough with my mother, I don't want to add to that.

Any words of encouragement? I could use them.

Thanks. Katie Mae.
Katie Mae:

First off-- I'm sorry to hear of all your troubles. That must be a really tough thing to go through at 21. I am 32 and was dx with stage 3c rectal ca at 31-- began bleeding at 28. My gastro is certain I have HNPCC-- my grandfather died of rectal ca., my brother just had 5 polyps removed-- one strong pre-cancerous. I worry about how this affects my wife (emotionally) and 2 kids(emotionally and genetically.) I am by the way going thru genetic screening. So-- different stage of worry, but worry nonetheless. :confused:

Anyway, I'm glad your friends are pushing you. You are allowed to be a drama queen, this IS a life changing step. But, a bag is NOT the end of the world. So many young people have colostomies/iliostomies you wouldn't believe it. [ r[B]emoved [/B] ] Anyway, I had an iliostomy for 4 1/2 months-- it was not bad at all once I got used to it. In fact I was reversed in May, after rectal transection 4 1/2 months previously, and wish I had stuck with the bag. Better than diapers and incontinence, etc. There are others on this board with bags who can speak about having one, [ [B]removed [/B] ] But I think you just need encouragement, you know what you need to do. :)

As far as insurance goes... as long as you are enrolled (on most plans) as half time, you are covered... even if you had to drop the classes for some reason, nobody would know the better;-) And even if you can't get insurance, there are special funds at hospitals to take care of the bills... you just talk to the social worker when you are there.

Best of luck with your mom. My prayers are with her. And best of luck to you. Please keep us posted. :angel:
Warm Regards,
[QUOTE=Bhuneke]By freckles in your irises do you mean you have nf1? neurofibromatosis as well as Fap?

...Uhm. I haven't been diagnosed with nf1. Or neurofibromatosis. What is this? Should I be looking into that too? When the eye doctor found the freckles at a young age, that is what set my mom into a tissy about getting me checked for FAP. Gardner's Syndrome. Now I'm looking into what that nf1 is.

[B]Thank you, CancerDad. It helps to know that I'm not being abnormal in my worrying. I'll check into the ill./col. bags and young adults. I do appreciate this!![/B]
God bless ya FAP. Im so glad they know whats going on with you early. I can't imagine they would have ever caught it if not for your family history.
Thats so great that you know so far ahead of time whats going on. I know it must be scarry and such a young person wouldnt want to have to wear a bag, but thats really such a small price to pay for your life when you really think about it. God bless all you guys going through that! Your all in my prayers, and i know you'll be just fine...
well we probably won't know the results of the pathology until we go for the post op visit with the dr next week my brother is suppose to be released tomorrow from the hospital if all goes well. now i know that when the removed the colon and rectum they also took the prostate so make sure you ask the dr if they do this with you since you ar so young im not sure they will hopefully ythat wont have to happen but i understand that since its so close to the restum that when they remove the rectum they also take the prostate becasue thats the frist organ that can be invaded by cancer... good luck

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