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Re: Recovery Time?
Oct 31, 2004
Wow, that was a quick reply!
Thank you very much. And your husband is extremley lucky that you are as strong as you are, and also arm yourself with knowledge. After all, knowledge is power!
I am young, and they say this is usually a MALE disease (which is not true) and that one should have a colonoscopy every 10 years. If my dad didnt request his last colonoscopy and waited the 7 more years to get one, he probably wouldnt have made it. How often does your husband have his colonoscopies? Have you ever had one? Do your kids have themselves checked too now?
Re: Recovery Time?
Sep 2, 2005
Thanks Maz, thanks PGTA. I know in my heart that I really should get tested for SOMETHING....but not right now.There is too much going on in my life (all around) right now to even bring up the issue of being tested for something like this. :confused:
First off, it would just KILL my family if they knew that I was going in for a Colonoscopy. I am in my early thirties and want to start trying for a family soon....I have always been a [B]STRONG[/B] person, and hardly ever at the doctors office/clinic. I do go for my yearly physicals/pap/bloodwork etc...always clean (thankfully). I even maintain going to the dentist and optometrist regularly. So overall, I am a very healthy woman. But you never really do know when somethin can develop - thats what scares me now.
I think PGTA mentioned that stress or a change in diet might have something to do with it. In fact,I [I]have[/I] had a change in diet - I have been trying to eat healthier for a few months now and have lost a few lbs (more than 10 actually) so could this be it?
Last week when my father was in emergency twice, I was under enormous stress, and that is the time when i saw the spots of blood. I haven't seen any since (mind you, I can't tell if there is some IN my stool, so I mean that I haven't seen any since I saw it those 2 days in a row).
My friends are urging me to take it easy, stop letting my mind race and go out of control, and other friends are saying just TELL your doctor and see what he suggests - ie, such as monitoring how often it happens, how much, what colour is etc. I don't know what to do.
My stool hasnt changed and the past couple of times I had a bowel movement, there was no more scratching. Who knows.
I think I asked in my previous post - could it be internal skin tags (if there is such thing?).

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