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Dealer I truly relate to your story ! my brother is 57 at the end of september he went in thru the er with rectal blleeding/ they found a mass/ did the colonoscopy found a 5 cm rectal cancer mass , about a week later after still being in hopsital he had the mass removed they had to remove the colon entirely and the rectum today he lives with an ileostomy permanent he is approx 1 month post op still has lots of pain due to welling still has an indwelling cathere which they will remove again this nest week in hopes that he pees if not dont know what else they can do possible stents hoipefully not he seems to focuas his entired life around the ileostomy he is handling it but not really he knows that this is his way of life but i seem him as not really deal well with this its a total re adjustment of life and eating... my suggestion to anyone if you have any kind of rectum bleeding get this checked dont let it go and the prep is bad but the procedure for a colonsocpy is a breeze i went thru that a year ago i cwas clean... best of luch to all of you.............. oh btw the lymph nodes for my brother were clean

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