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I have been through a multitude of tests over the past few months to find out what is going on with me. In the back drop I have always had some intestinal complaints but they came and went. It began with a lot more gas than usual. So the doctor ordered an ultrasound of my stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, etc. That came back just fine. The gas seemed to come mostly around my period. Had my female parts checked Those were all fine. I was put on Keflex for a skin infection which gave me terrible stomach cramps, stomach pains and gas. Not to mention my stool was coming out less and seemed flattened at times. I just brushed it off to the Keflex. For the past few weeks I have been experiencing pain in my back on the right side that radiated down to my groin. Along with intermitten pain on the left side near my waist. Doc thought I had kidney stones...CT scan and IVP came back fine. Just had an UTI. Now I am experiencing the pain in my left abdominal area much more and have a constant feeling that I either need to move my bowels or pass gas...rectal pressure. My stools are all flat now. I don't have an appetite but that could be from the stress of all this. Are flattened stools and the feeling of needing to move your bowels without doing so always colon cancer? I am 36 and do not know my family history since I was adopted. I am going out of my mind with worry. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy tomorrow.
Hi Cool Beans~

I just read your post and the very last sentence made me very happy to hear that you are going for the colonoscopy. I am f/43 dx 4/04 with rectal cancer. It was in the sigmoid (very very low) portion of the colon, and surgeon has called it rectal CA from the beginning. He apparently could feel the tumor upon rectal exam. Anyhow, I had some of your same symptoms, and thought for a couple of years I was having female probs., but all tests and ultrasounds came out fine. Because the colon sits behind the female parts, symptoms can mimic other conditions. It was a positive hemocult during an exam with my gynecologist that got me to the colonoscopy test. I waited 4 weeks for the test. They found what they termed "a significant finding" during the test and immediately took tissue to biopsy. I learned the day after Easter that it was positive for cancer. Not exactly what I wanted in my Easter basket! :eek:

Anyhow, I've been through 5 weeks of chemo/radiation b4 surgery, which shrunk the tumor by at least 95% (so they say). I was very lucky in that there were no other organs affected. I had surgery 7/27; a colon resection, full hysterectomy and appendectomy. I'm happy to say that I just finished my 3rd of 4 follow up regimens of chemo. I will finish up the with the final treatment the last week of December and begin 2005 with a clean slate. :bouncing:

When I signed onto this board at first, there were not many younger women (even though I feel OLD! :rolleyes: ) on the board. I wanted to share my exp w/you so that you don't feel alone. I am happy to share any of my experience with you. I do hope you report back as to the findings of your test. I will pray for the best possible outcome. In the meantime, stay "cool" Beans!

Best regards to All of you and may your Holiday Season be bright, peaceful, joyful and healthy~ Julesss :angel:
My computer is acting funny today!! Must be because its Friday :D

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