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Hi everyone.I have posted a few times, but pretty much have been reading trying to learn all that I can. I was dx Feb 2004 with CC and mets to the liver. Where I was did not give me much hope, but my oncoligist(speeling) told me I would be better off at another place, so I went there for treatment. I did not tolerate the chemo well and had lost down to 92 pounds, so they went ahead and did surgery. After removing the tumor in the colon, they tried to burn off the tumers on my liver. One was too close to the arty for them to do. The surgery was in July so we did not start treament again until September. Just before they did a ct scan that showed I still had three spots on my liver. They also took a slice of my liver for biopsy. They took it where one of the tumors was, and found no cancer cells in my liver. We did 4 more treatments of fulfox4, which I tolerated much better, but started to develop an allergy to the Oxaplatin. They gave me benadrly before the last 3 treatments to help. I have also been able to eat and now am up to 112 pounds. Another ct scan showed that the tumors had shunk somemore. When I went in to see my doctor and do another chemo, he did not want to do anymore of the fulfox4. Showed me on my ct scan, that one place had not change at all during all the treatments, and he thinks it is a cyst, nothing to worry about as they are common. One close the artry could not be seen as it was on the other side of the liver. The other was close to where they had taken the slice of my liver. He said he could not tell if it was still there or just the liver regenerating. He said he did not feel comfortable not doing anything so he wants to put me on Avastin for the next year. I have not talked to anyone who has taken this drug, and would apprciated if someone here that has used this drug would let me know how it went and if they had any compilcation. It has so real nasty side affects and am not sure wheather to try it or not. It can affect so many organs. I have pvc and a bad family history of heart problems. One of the side affects is heart attack and stroke. It can raise or lower your blood pressure. I have low blood prssure most of the time. I don't know which way to go. My cea has remained stable since the surgery. Would appreciate any input you all have to give. We all know how scary all this can be, and that is why I have come to ask for your thoughts. No one in my family has had cancer and they cann't really understand. Afraid to do it , but afraid not too. You all are a wonderful bunch of people and are in my prayer. Djdenw

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