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I'm not sure what to think because I went to the doctor today because I though I was just having complications from having my gall bladder removed about a year and a half ago and he said to get a colonoscopy. I am 31 with no real history of colon cancer in my family except my half-brother which is just 19 had 2 cancerous pollups removed just recently and I have learned that my grandfather on my mothers side had a couple removed but he was about 70 and is still living at age 89. When I went to the doctor, I was telling him if felt something like a kicking feeling at times and just weird sounds and feelings were going on where my gall bladder was, but with no pain. I also told him at times I had blood in my stool, sometimes a lot and sometimes a little and yet none at all at times for the past month. No constipation and no diahrea but stools were never always the same, some can be hard others can be soft (the soft ones I usually don't see blood). I guess he thought getting a colonoscopy is the only thing he came up with since he was concerned that my brother had cancer at such an early age and bleeding in my stools. I don't seem to have a lot of the symptoms of colon cancer like thin pencil like stools and such but some pain in the lower abdomen at times which I think is gas. My opinion, I told him, is it was probably hemmeroids or anal fissure yet he never checked, but then again I am not a doctor. Does anyone think I should really have a colonoscopy or should I have it done and the worst thing they would tell me is I have hemmoroids with a healthy colon?

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