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Hi Tammy,
If I said "I know exactly what fear you are feeling", would it help? I have had bowel/stomach problems for the past 5/6 years. I have abdominal pain almost every day and nausea. Just before Christmas last year I started to pass blood during bowel movement. I tried to ignore it.(How stupid can fear make you!!) My wife made me see my G.P. who immediatly did a sigmoidoccopy and took a "bite" from what he described as a wart like growth for biopsy. The result was benign!
I have since had another sigmoidoscopy done at outpatients. The result of that one was the same but was still made to have a colonoscopy. I had a barium enama on 10th June then was recalled for a second colonoscopy on 17th June. By then I was a complete wreck!!! The colonoscopy itself is not too bad at all.
The worst bit is when they pump air into the the colon so they can get a clear veiw. I felt like a balloon that was about to burst!! It realy isn't that bad and you get tea/coffee and sandwich after. The worst bit is the fear of the unknown beleive me. I had sedation and muscle relaxant before the procedure which realy does help. If they do take a "bit" for biopsy it takes about 2 weeks for the result,at least that is how it is here in the U.K. The doctor that did my second colonoscopy was very good and explained that I would have to have the "polyp" which has grown quite large will have to be removed along with part of my bowel.
The reason for this is any type of growth in the colon
has the potential to turn "nasty". After the initial shock it realy is surprising what the mind can accept, also the relief of knowing the wonder of major surgery today. I hope this has helped a little. Please try not to be to anxious (although I was before I knew how much
surgeons can do today!!!)
My thoughts will be with you.
My second colonoscopy was on fathers day here in U.K. so missed out on slap up Sunday Roast booked by my daughter at posh restaurant!!!!
Please let me know how things go.

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