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Your son is pretty young to have colorectal cancer, but I guess it's slightly possible. Maybe he has irritable bowel syndrome and hemmoroids. (Spastic colon) Could you please tell me something? Did your father have regular colonoscopies after the age of 50? Thank you. Sister.
Your son has to get a colonscopy. Period!!! I was 35 and diagnosed with the earliest stage of colon cancer. I was lucky, but that's because I got tested. I know you're scared. I also thought the blood in my stools was due to hemmorhoids. Since I was young, a family doctor even minimized the problem, but, fortunately, my sister still urged me to see a gastroenterologist. No matter what any doctor says, he must get a colonoscopy. If it's cancerous, he'll probably be lucky like me. I only had to have radiation treatment, as a precautionary measure, and then I was monitored closely for 2 years. If your son's colonoscopy shows nothing, I still urge him to get tested in 3 to 5 years again, to be safe, since colon cancer runs in your family. Be aggressive. Colon cancer is very treatable, when caught early.
Sorry theo2002, I didn't want to alarm you. From my own experience, I learned that colon cancer is so treatable when caught early. I'm sure your son is okay and doesn't have it. I'm a young cancer survivor, and because of that, I don't want other young people to go through what I did. Initially, my family doctor had minimized my symtoms, not even thinking it could be cancer. Most people think of colon cancer as being a cancer of older people. Society has learned alot more about it in the past 2-3 years. I wish you and your son all the best.

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