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Saar1234, I am truly grateful and touched by your prayers. Thank you very much!
depaul11, ribbon-shaped? I do refer to width. The thickness is more than ribbon but the shape is basically the same. To be honest with you I have had these symptoms for months now. Around 6 or so. I started with the constipation over a year ago. Then it progressively got worse. I've sort of been my family's researcher for my Dad's CC. So, one day, my hubby actually mentioned that these were very similar to my Dad's symptoms and that's when I really started paying attention to my changes. My stool started round but thin then I started noticing the flat edge then the ribbon-shape. I was always too busy to really pay attention to any changes until my hubby brought it to my attention. I always figured bloated, cramps, nausea as pms. But then I startd to notice I had these all throughout the month. I pray to God that it's all nothing but the fact that my Dad has CC just made me aware that I'm at greater matter what my age. ER doc told me I was too young to have CC. He was a bit arrogant, young and acted like he knew it all. He didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. He tried to pass it off as IBS. Then my husband asked how does IBS explain my narrow stool? He just really contradicted himself. Said he felt fissures, then changed his mind(after husband questioned him) and said he didn't find anything, not even fissures. So, I need to get a colonoscopy. I found out today that they do them at the hospital where I went yeterday! Well, like a dummy, I should've insisted on one yesterday!! Now, the GI wants to charge me up to $300 just for my office visit then the hospital will charge me for the colonoscopy. I hear it'a very expensive. So, that's all that's happened, so far. Please, all, keep me in your prayers. All I want is to get better. I hope I've answered some of your question. I know this is the reason why I search this site.

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