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Linderella..I'm 26yrs old and was told not by my doctor but other doctors I had IBS.I have to tell you I feel for this 30yr old woman as I have fairly the same symptoms only I have a hard lump on my colon.Living with this lump,now going on 7 months is hard as no one has been able to diagnos me.They say IBS,but IBS doesn't have lumps on their colon.They say now it's my gallbladder,well my gallbladder isn't sore and have no pains on my right side.My abnormal pain is on my left lower side.All I can say was if I could go to emerg on some days I would but I'm thinking they'd just send me home and say you have nothing wrong.Even though health care may be different here in Canada,it's going downhill day by day.
BRUISED, I did read your post on 'lump'. I sometimes feel pain on my left side. Hardly ever on my right side. I feel the bloating, cramps, etc. mostly on my mid-lower abdomen. I did mention this to the er doc but he didn't say anything about this.
DEPAUL11, bleeding: if you have internal hemorroids, it's not that uncommon for bleeding. Usually light to bright red in color. I know that dark blood means it's coming from higher in the intestines. I've never had bleeding. Not even from external hemorroids. Until the other day. I'm ususally very gentle with wiping. To the extent that I only use wet, warm, toilet paper to wipe. If not I'm sure I'd bleed. I have gotten really bad hemorroids after frequent stools. Like when I haven't gone in a few days, then I'll go a few times within a day or so. I have also tried all the laxatives, with very little results. The're only a quick fix, for me. I usually end up with a very sore bottom. I too wish, with all my heart, that there was a 'magic pill'!! That magic pill would've also saved my father from a lot of anguish :( I will definetly keep everyone posted.
JUAN JOSE MARIN, you have actually put a couple of ideas in my head. I am originally from California, I'm in Florida now. But being Mexican, I did frequently go to Mexico. Now, I'm thinking, for $2000 I could definetly go, visit family and get checked out- S. of the border. That is definetly an option.
TO EVERYONE:I just wanted to say that I began looking through this board for hope, similar symptoms and maybe some answers. I never thought that I could actually do the same for someone else. I am grateful for everyone that read my post and for those of you who've responded. It's made this whole experience a little easier to tolerate. I know the best thing is to see a dco but for those of us who can't or have difficulties, I truly feel this board can help us all, as we share our experiences,thoughts and knowledge.
I had,sort of, hesitated on giving out my email addy because it may sort of cheat other people out of any info. but if anyone does need or would like to email me, that would be ok. my email is: [removed].com

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