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Hard lump on colon?
Jan 16, 2003
I'm hoping someone out there can help me out if they had symptoms.About 6 months ago I started getting really bloated.This isn't normal to me.So I went to doctor to see what was going on.After the exam he said I had a hernia.{My problem is on my left side}So,I'm okay with that.Then a week later same thing I'm bloated to the extent of looking pregnat.So I go to a walk in clinic.That doc examined me and said I had Irratible bowel syndrome.Well I'm trying to figure hernia to IBS.Definately different.So another week of bloating,gas and cramps up my back and legs I see doc again telling him about the IBS.I've also had 2 c-sections as well.So he says it's a hernia.So again I go with him on that.4 months later of this bloating starting to feel bruised,so back to doc.I thought it could be an infection of some sort from the c-sec 2 years ago.So we do blood tests,urine tests and all came back negative for infection.So again back to doc to discuss this.He sends me to a surgeon that specializes in hernias.He checks me and says I DON'T HAVE A back to doc again.He orders a CT scan and U/S.The U/S was only of my pelvic area and tests came back negative for my tubes,ovaries etc.My pain is located on my lower left side.So CT scan comes.They did the test with NO dye and my results come back that I have kidney stones on my right side.BUT we're not talking my right side,we're talking my left.Anyhow nothing showed on the CT scan for my left problem.Whatever I have is getting worse.My symptoms are bloating,pain going along the lower half of my abdomen to my right side,cramps that shoot my lower back,It feels bruised,and a lump that painfully hurts when I bend over,sleep on my left side.I go to the bathroom once a day,no blood,no diareah.I was so bloated for a week i would be sick from the fullness.The lump is getting bigger and making my side actually sag.We know that theres a lump but no idea what the heck it is.If anyone knows anything please HELP!!It's been too long!
I just thought I'd let you know what the "so called surgeon"said to me today.I went in today because my doctor ordered a colonoscopy.I was thinking I was going there to make an appointment.Well we discussed my symptoms as I mentioned and a little more that I've had and he checks me.He pushed it in really hard that it still hurts.So we discuss the problems that I've been having.He turns around and gives me another ultrasound to be done.Not for my lump on my left side,but for my freakin gallbladder on my right upper!!!I said to him boldly"look,my problem isn't here,it's right here."I asked him about the colonoscopy,he says that he wants to rule out other things cause of my bloating,and he said "it's risky!""Well what I may have or been experiencing isn't risky"I said.So I'm you know what.I went to my doc and told him about this.I asked for a second opinion from a gastrologist.He agreed.Only problem I'm wondering is if my doctor ordered this colonoscopy,it was for a reason?Am I correct?And this quach whack as I call him,I WILL never see him again.I will do the u/s just to prove that I have no problems.I'm also going to see a keniziologist on this problem.I might as well get 2 opinions then 1.Just thought I'd update this problem I've been having.

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