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A couple of docs have diagnosed me with having IBS (based purely on my symptoms). My dad died 3 months ago from lung cancer (he worked in an asbestos mine when he first came to Australia, and I am also planning my wedding in July and trying to take care of my mum. This has obviously led me to feel really stressed and I have always been a very anxious person. Since then, I have been getting lots of stomach rumbling and mushy stools. I go once a day in the mornings and I am constantly worried about what my stool is going to look like so I get really nervous every time I go. The doc says that this emotional anxiety can sometimes lead to diarrhea. One time I had a mild panic attack and explosive diarrhea just came out while I was in the shower. I have got an anal fissure which sometimes causes bright red blood to streak on the toilet paper when I wipe- but the doc has checked this out. I don't really have thin stools, just mushy, but I have intermittent normal, formed stools.
I know I sound like a worry-wart, but I am so scared of getting cancer since my dad got his. Could I have colon cancer? I'm 25 years old. Thanks

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