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Hello, two weeks ago (Jan. 29) I went to the family doc because of abdominal pain I was having. He sent me to get a cat scan which I guess showed some mild "thickening" of my small intestines. Backround: I just turned 28 in Jan. and only had the abdominal pain for a day before I went to the doctor. All I know is that I have stomach pain (in and around my belly button), basically it feels like my stuff is tied in knots, and every now and then it is sharp, but admittedly it has not been anywhere as bad as it was the first two days though since this last weekend, the dullness seems to be more constant (stress?). And this week I have been having cramps on my right side. I am researching my symptoms, and of course there seems to be like ten thousand things it can be. I do have a BM once or twice a day, but my stool has definitely change, it is more slender, BUT have seen no signs of bloods and it is not "ribbon-like" (which I read on a lot of colon cancer sites). And though I can have the ache/pain in my abdomen any time of day, I have been noticing it is when I eat or get stressed I feel it more. I get hungry, but don't eat because I have spooked myself, which I believe kills my appetite, but I don't think I have had a "loss of appetite".

I have been to the gastro specialist and am having a eteroclysis done tomorrow. But I am upset that I have to wait until March 6th for my colonoscopy. Should I be bothered that I have to wait so long for that test? I have already tried to move it up, but no openings. I hate waiting, and would hate to think that waiting a few more weeks to have the procedure done will make a huge difference in dealing with what ever I may have.

After reading so many posts on here, I hope I am on the right track by going to the doctor just a day after the abdominal pain started. I monitor my stools (no blood or blackness that I can see), and other wise am healthy enough to still workout and do my cardio (run a mile every day). Just have this abdominal pain/discomfort and my bowel movements/habits have changed.

Thanks for any advice on what I should be reading up up on and if I should be more agressive getting my colonoscopy moved up. And thanks for reading my rant. I will do follow up posts with the tests, etc. So others seeking info may be informed. Hope to hear some thoughts. Thanks again.

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