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Im am 36, and the picture of health. I started noticing loose stools about 4 month ago after a serious bout of Pneumonia. I put off the doctor even afetr the bllod started on the TP, I have never had any procedure of any kind done, and didnt want to invite a rectal exam. Well, the blood increased to the point I went to my doctor. He said I had a memmroid and a fissure, certainly the cause of the blood, dont worry, some cream will cure you. Well the blood continued to the point of 6-8 clotted stools a day. I went to see a Gastroenterologist who said its almost certianly a parasite or bactria. Put me on antibiotics. That wasnt it either.
So I went for the dreaded colonoscopy yesterday, which by the way was easy, even for a baby like me. As I was coming to the doctor came in a told me that he found a "large mass" in my rectum. Today I am bleeding like hell. Naturally I didnt sleep last night, my wife is in tears and I am freaking.
I went from the healthiest person I know to this in a few months. I realize that this could be benign, but I havbe a really bad feeling. No polyps in my entire colon, and a bleeding mass in my rectum.
Im not really looking for comfort , but it helps to type this, since its a big secret otherwise.
Thanks for your attention,
Bugaboo (my 2 year old sons nickname)

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