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For 15 months I've had flat stools (normal in size but with 2 sides flattened - 1" x 1/2" aprox).

They are not always flat, it only happens when stools are soft (most of time), but when they are hard they has its normal shape and size (about 1" or bigger).

When stools are soft I feel as something is blocking and extruding them near the anus and I need to do some effort to pass them, but when stools has normal consistence I feel the anus opening and there are no effort to pass them.

So, as harder stools are, less difficult to pass and more rounded in shape.

In two occasions in latest 6 months (last one 2 weeks ago) I've had blood with mucus. Brigh red blood covered with mucus that does not mix with the toilet water. It stays at the bottom of the toilet and does not mix with the water that remains clear.

Both bouts of blood/mucus happened after I eated spicy food and after 2 or 3 loose BM. Always alone at the end of BM, never mixed with stools.

My doc says that both things may be caused for hemmorroids, and that bright red blood usually comes from anus or rectum. I'm not sure about it and I'm requested a endoscopy to be sure (I've a sigmoidoscopy scheduled in 2 weeks).

Is it possible for hemmorroids to cause that? I guessed that hemmorroids blood was liquid and not mucus covered. Also, I've read that hemmorroids are not able to change stool shape.

I'm very scared for the possibility of something more serious.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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