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Yes, hemorrhoids may cause flat stool. But, in order to find polyps one must do a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy covers your entire colon from beginning to end. It's very possible that the hemorrhoids are causing your symptoms. However, to be ABSOLUTELY sure if that is the real cause, you must have a colonoscopy. Four years ago (to this week) I was dianossed with stage 3 cancer, y first GI doctor insist that it was irritable bowel. He even called me (while I was in the hospital, admitted by a different doctor because nothing would pass the colon, my belly was dangereously extended, and I was throwing up everything... plus the second doctor tried to prep me for a colonascopy, but the prep would not pass the blockage) and even after a CT scan, my first GI doc still insisted it was only irritable bowel. He said, "in fact, I looked at your scan and you have nothing to worry about". Five days later surgeons had to perform surgery due to a complete obstruction of my bowel, that's when they found the cancer.

I believe in getting a colonoscopy to take all the guess work out from a doctor that either thinks they know it all, or are concern that insurance won't pay for a colonoscopy.

I'm now four years from my first fight of cancer (to this week) and now at the age of 40, in two days I'm going into a "hairy operation" to continue my fight due to a recurence (the recurrence is located in the pelvic region).

It's your life, make sure that you do the right thing for yourself, don't base it on some doctor.

Again, just my opinion!

Good Luck!

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[This message has been edited by rsi_pres (edited 06-28-2003).]

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