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Any advice on how to go about finding a primary care doctor who will be as "paranoid" about my getting cancer one day as I am? I am almost 30, and my mom was diagnosed in Oct (at age 54) with Stage IV colon cancer. Her mother and two aunts also died of cancer. So I feel like it's just a matter of time. I want to get a colonoscopy as soon as I turn 30, and at least every two years thereafter. Is that being too extreme? How can I find a doc who can convince my insurance company that I NEED a colonscopy so young, and so frequently? Should I lie and say I have symptoms, like blood in my stool or something? Has anyone been through this?
My Mom was 65 when she had colon cancer, six years later when I was 45 I had it. My brothers were both checked out via colonoscopy and both had a polyp removed. One brother is only 18 months younger than I but the other is 9 YEARS younger.

Any doctor that says "you are too young to have colon cancer" , pass him by till you get one that at least says "you are a little young for colon cancer" At least he sees the possibility!

A rule of thumb is get a c'scopy and if no polyps then no need for another for 4-5 years. If there is a polyp then another one in 2 years.

I had one (no polyp found)shortly after Mom was diagnosed but then promptly forgot about it. Had I had a c'scopy in the 5th year I wouldn't have a colostomy.

C'est la vie, c'est la guerre. My own complacency, my fault.

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