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[b](this is a little gross, but we're talking about colon issues)[/b]

Not to worry. If you get cancer it gets grosser so a little dirt talk is expected.

[b]Does it mean there is blood in the stool when stool "sticks" to the toilet bowl after flushing? [/b]

Short answer is not really. Blood in the stool is either bright red if the source of the blood is close to the anus or it looks like coffee grounds if further up. A "sticky" stool could be a number of things but what comes to mind is not enough water or fiber in the diet. Your friend might try making sure he drinks a couple liters(quarts ) of water or fruit juices a day for a couple of days and see if the problem rectifies(pun intended) itself. Real fruit juices are best like orange juice(pulp removed is fine if he can't stand pulp) or apple juice since they contain some soluable fiber as well. Whole wheat bread, peas, veggies like carrots and beans or celery also contain fiber that could help.

You say it happens twice a week. Any chance that it follows a night of drinking? Alcohol dries you out.

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