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Colonoscopy Prep
Aug 17, 2003
I'm scheduled to have a colonscopy at 8:30 a.m. this Tuesday. I realized last night that I had received two conflicting sets of directions on how to prepare for the exam. One set only has me on clear liquids beginning at midnight tonight and the other set directs me to start on clear liquids two days before (in other words - all day sunday which is today - all day Monday and then the exam on Tuesday)Can someone tell me what is the "norm" before having a colonoscopy? I am STARVING!! I've been eating jello and popsicles all day long along with broth (the instructions say to have 100% fat free broth or boullion but every can I've bought tastes like crap!). I literally want to cry I'm so hungry. I feel silly but this is torture. i can't imagine going all day tomorrow without eating anything either but I think I'd do better if I could at least eat something tonight. Will the doctor be able to tell if I cheat and eat tonight but take only clear liquids tomorrow?

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