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Sep 12, 2003
My symptoms? Got a year?? well.... to begin with, freakin' out it's cancer of the esophagus or stomach or colon as every day while browsing different sites on web I find all of my symptoms from people with cancer so, of course I lose sleep over it (thank gawd for xanax). I've had bleeding ulcers for several years as I used to pop ibuprofen's like MnM's due to muscle pains (they say it was because of a ruptured silicone implant) for which I have had them removed and felt much better, however, a pain specialist gave me percocets for pain. I started abusing the meds which really messed up my stomach and had two endoscopies done and gall bladder removed. They said I had large veins in my esophagus and a hiatus hernia - started on nexium. Lately, due to a personal upset my gastric juices ate me up, lump in my throat, couldn't swallow, pain cramps in stomach 24/7, spent days in bed sleeping as I had NO energy, sensation of something being inside my left lower abdomen, under ribs, constipation/diarrhea (stools black at times), dizzyiness, fever, flu like symptoms, face flushing red, blurred vision, was losing weight without trying but I've noticed I've put on three pounds recently (for the first time I'm glad!). My docs say I need a colonoscopy soon to determine the mass I feel on my left side which comes and goes - said it could either be a tumor or just fecal impaction, need hydrocolonics, another endoscopy (all this for starters). Just the colonoscopy costs 1400.00. I've no med insurance and may marry an ex boyfriend just for his medical insurance, he said he'd help me out as he has excellent benefits. anyway - let me know what's happening. I have to put all this off till I find out what to do but am so worried most of the time. oh, and by the way, I was off the pain meds for some time and since I was so distraught I NEEDED some sort of self gratification and relief from the stress. I got some pain meds and voila! Most of the symptoms were gone (sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, stomach cramps). Go figure. What does that mean?? I was withdrawing still??? After months? I wonder. anyway - take care, sorry so long. have a good week end :)

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