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I know this sounds crazy but I think my husband has a tumor coming through his belly button - either that or it has herniated.

He has always been a heavy drinker - actually although he doesn't drink that much anymore he does have about a six pack a day - I would classify him as an alcoholic - and in the last few years has gotten quite a beer belly. He will never go to the doctor unless he is in intense pain.

I have read that it could be an umbilical hernia because of fluid build up if he has cirrohsis. I don't know if he has cirrohsis but he did have hepatitis (alcohol induced) a while back and pancreatitis. I don't know what a hernia would look like as opposed to a tumor.

I am really worried about this but he doesn't want to hear about it and definitely will not go to the doctor.

Has anyone had something like this or known anyone with a similar problem?


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