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My best friend has colon cancer. He keeps it hushed. I finally got him to talk. He says there is nothing that can be done. He refused chemo. He is an alcoholic,and has not eaten. I know for fact, that in the last 2 wks he has had nothing but wine and beer. No water, nothing else. He can't walk well and sleeps most of the time. He gets delirious and then snaps out of it. He is the kindess person I have ever known. He still has his humor and encourages me. I myself, have problems with my health, but not terminal. Can he survive this long without eating? I/ve tried everything. He swore me to secrecy from talking with his family up north. He is 52. I am scared I will wake up and he will be gone. I am keeping him with me he has a condo to go to not far from me, but I am scared to leave him alone. He wants to detox himself, he does that every other month. I don't want him to do it this time in fear of it killing him. Detoxing is so hard on his heart and throat. I'm sorry to ramble but I have nobody else to talk to about this. Should I let him die his way? respect his wishes, but its so hard. Is this the end for him am I looking for false hope? He says hes had this for about 2yrs?

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