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I'm going for my first colonscopy this Thursday and had a quick question for all of you. I had to sign a waiver saying that I understood all of the potential risks of having the procedure done ... I was just wondering what the chance was of any complications occuring during the procedure? I am only 5 ft. tall, so he said sometimes it can be challenging on someone my size since 6-7 ft. of colon is inside me :0) His nurse assured me that he rarely has any complications that occur, and my husband (in medical profession) says he is the best colo/rectal surgeon in town. I am only 32, but have experienced some change in the shape of my stool, and wanted to make sure that it was due to hemorrhoids and nothing else. My grandma had colon cancer in her 30's, which is another reason I'd like to make sure I'm clean of polyps. Do you think that the benefits of the procedure outweigh the potential risk? Sorry to be so lengthy, but I just want confirmation I'm doing the right thing. Thanks in advance!

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