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Hi, this is my first posting and I feel kinda embarrassed and awkward..but I want to get some feedback.
Since oct 10, 2003, I've been constipated. This was a sudden change in bowel movement. I've never had constipation before...I've always had "normal" bowel movement, at least once or twice a day(fast passage and no pain at all) ...On the 10th I began to have symptoms of constipation. For 3 days I couldn't go. Then I went to the doctor, told me to take laxatives, it made me pass stool. After a day of not taking laxatives, I couldn't go again. So I continued to take laxatives every other day or once every 3 days to help it "go". But what's worrying me is that my stool seems thinner than usual. I'm worried that there might be something more than JUST constipation? could this be late symptoms of colon cancer?

also, this happened before my period (got it/started on the 18th)....but I've never had premenstrual constipation i'm kinda worried. I've been reading up on colon cancer online and it has made me MORE terrified because my symptoms are closely related to that of colon cancer: sudden change in bowel movement, narrower stool(not pencil thin, but definitely thinner than usual).

is there anyone who can help?
should i go visit my doctor again?
my mom told me it shouldnt be anything...and I dont want to worry her with my problems. please help.

thanks, sandy

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