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Hi all. I have a question about some symptoms I've been having. I apologize in advance for the grossness. I had severe stomach problems after a radical diet change about 7 months ago. During that time I had severe constipation, bloating, pain, pencil thin stools, gray stools, blood and etc.,. I went to my dr. and he diagnosed me w/ IBS. Recently, everything seems to have readjusted. I'm back to my old routines and everything seems normal, no blood or etc.,. The only thing that worries me is that though my stools have bulked up to almost normal, there is still a ridge on them and there is pain in my anus like it is contracting when passing large ones. I am worried because I read that narrow stools are a symptom of colon cancer. This problem seems to worsen when I am nervous. The Dr. still seems to think it is IBS. I am 25 with no colon cancer in my family. I was just wondering if there is any other causes of narrow stools besides colon cancer. Should I get a c-scope? Please advise.

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