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Hi, i am a 22 year female and have had IBS for the last 3 years. I pretty much had to diagnosos myself because the doctors at the university campus that i go to wouldn't give me an answer to what was wrong with me. They did most of the tests to rule out any of the things that could be causing the pains, abdominal cramping, excess gas and irregular bowel movements. So lately i have been thinking about having a colonoscopy done just to be safe. I just don't know how to approach and ask my doctor for one. I decided i wanted to see a gastrologist 2 years ago because the university doctors were no help to me. However my doctor at the time would ONLY send me for one if there was alot of blood in my stool. It just so happened that i did have some that week (i rarely ever have blood in the stool) so she sent me. However, for whatever reason i never had the procedure done. But now I think maybe i should get it done, but i don't know what to say to my doctor to ask for one. Also my boyfriend is really worried about me and he really wants me to get this done. Can anyone give me any advice on how i should approach my doctor? Or if it is a good idea to get a colonoscopy?

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