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Mar 7, 2005
Hello All....

I'm a brand new user, though not totally unfamiliar, as I have checked out this board from time to time over the last year or so but never joined until today.

Anyway - to my point - Wednesday I am set to undergo a flexible sigmoidoscopy and am pretty worried about it (as I feel is probably natural under the circumstances.)

Anyway, the reason that this was ordered was because I had some bright red blood in the toilet with a bowel movement about a month ago. Not actually IN the stools themselves, just in the toilet, and on the outside of the feces. It was really only once (well....I think I saw blood twice in back to back trips to the toilet) and I suspected hemmorhoids. I went to my doctor and he used some type of tool to look up there and did see hemmorhoids, but said to be safe I should see my GI.

Ever since that date (well actually before that...I've been under intense stress from a variety of factors for the last few months) I have been so worried that my stomach was cramped up alot, I seemed to have nausea, my bowel movements seemed strained sometimes, as well as having flat stools and loose stools. I just couldn't get it off my mind that I had something wrong with me.

Anyway, about a week ago, I had some things happen that reduced most of my stress, and wasn't really thinking about my upcoming procedure much, and my symptoms seemed to disappear. No cramping, no nausea. However, I will have dots of bright red blood on the toilet paper often. But bowel movements were back to normal, etc....but I have had this upcoming procedure on my mind at all times and am very nervous.

Wondering if it's IBS as I've been told it probably is (with blood from hemmorhoids) or if it's something more sinister.

Anyway - just posting this to get it off my chest really, and would welcome any comments anyone might offer up!


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