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I need your help...
Mar 17, 2005
I've been reading some of the posts on here and have some questions:

Everybody talks about bleeding or seeing blood - is it possible to [I]Not[/I] have bleeding and still have something wrong, whether it's a hemorrhoid or a tumor? I know bleeding is pretty much the gold standard for anything going on 'in' there, but what if there isn't any? Does not seeing blood mean there's no problems?

If your doctor - or even you yourself - were to feel something inside, are the only three things it could be is a polyp, a tumor, or a hemorrhoid? Is there anything else that could be felt, or is it always one of these three?

Also - and this is for me - what would cause an ache in the rectum after a bowel movement that would last off and on for a couple of weeks but with no bleeding? I've read on the other bowel board that an ache is usually caused by a fissure or hemorrhoid, but both of these come with bleeding, which I haven't had. I feel fine now but am still concerned at to what could have caused the ache to begin with.

Any answers are greatly appreciated.

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