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Hi- I am just writing because I have some weird symptoms and would like somebody who knows about these things to look at my history.

For the record I am female and currently 22.

I have always had stomach aches. For as long as I can remember. When I was 14 I became profoundly ill and was in bed for over a month and wasted away (lost 40 pounds). The pain was unbelievable and it came on suddenly. I believe it was some sort of internal infection due to the incredible pain (and I am no wuss) and the length of it. I became very sick, was semi conscious and feverish through much of it, my stomach was rigid and board like. I believe now that it was the result of being severely beaten up about a week previous (kicked in the back and abdomen quite a few times, etc... my back and black were neck). Anyway, I just add this in case it may be significant.

(kidneys)When I was 18 I began noticing that my stools were thinner than normal and seemed squashed, but weren't pencil thin- maybe half the normal size. I also noticed a bulge in my rectum and I started bleeding about this time.

It took 2 years for me to work up the nerve to see a doctor (these things ick me out). I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and started on asacol. The bulge in my rectum wasn't commented on or noticed so I assumed it was normal. My gastroeneterologist contiually asked me about my "diarrheah" but I rarely suffered from diarrhead (only with the flu). Anyway, I took the asacol for several months but it didn't help with the cramping, the swollen stomach OR the bleeding. I asked my family doctor if I could stop it because it wasn't doing anything and his attitude was sure, why not. So I stopped asacol. I have been bleeding ever since.

Sometimes the toilet water is red but I have been ignoring it because I had been checked out and given something that didn't work. Plus, the doctors know I am still bleeding and don't seem concerned. I am anemic due to this constant bleeding. My stools have gradually become really small and squashed looking and they come out in little chunks- tiny pieces (sorry if this is gross) covered in blood and mucus. My stomach has also been considerably swollen lately and feels bloated all the time. I felt inside because it was aching and I can feel a very prominent bulge of tissue- it's like the old bulge but closer to the opening. I doubt it's a hemmorhoid because of it's size (it feels to be at least as big as a large grape, probably more golf ball sized) and if I push on it it's pretty hard and firm but bleeds slightly. I can push it higher into my rectum of I try, but that aches and makes me feel nauseaus. Also, lately, I have lost my appetite. Even when I finally get hunger pangs from not eating (I have them now) I don't desire to eat, just not have the pangs. What could that lump be? I was wondering, could the bowel have a pocket or something so that feces on the other side builds up and makes it feel like a part of the bowel itself is a lump? It tends to move up and down in there a little, but not more than an inch and the lump doesn't go away. But wouldn't a doctor have noticed it a couple years ago? Granted it wasn't prominent then, but a colonoscopy couldn't have missed it. I've also been becoming more and more tired for the last little while but I am never HORRIBLY anemc (just minor apparently) and they usually just tell me I am depressed (I am also bipolar). However, it doesn't feel like depression-fatigue, it feels like exhaustion. I get out of breath terribly easily in the last year or so (it's been on the decline for about 5 years) and gasp. Just going up one flight of stairs makes me gasp so much I feel like I must have asthma. I feel weak and tired a lot, too.

My grandma had colon cancer and I think my grandpa did, as well. IBD runs on both my mom and dad's sides.

What does this sound like? What could that lump possibly be? I think it is much too large for a hemmhorid but if it was a tumor wouldn't they have found it 2 years ago? Does it sound serious? I don't want to submit to a DRE exam again if it doesn't sound like something, but I also don't want to be a hypochondriac. Can you think of any grape or larger sized mass in the rectum that can be pushed up, will bleed if moderate pressure is placed on it and feels like it is blocking the anus? Wouldn't cancer or something like that at my age be incredibly rare?

A little while ago I had kidney and pelvic ultrasounds for flank pain and they (my kidneys) looked clean. I was diagnosed with a small "cyst" on one of my ovaires but nothing was suggested for it so I assume it was benign.

Tired of these weird symptoms. I hope I dont come off as a hypochondriac because really, I tend to ignore things until I can't anymore, but I am curious about this.

Thanks :wave:

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