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There are early signs of colon cancer. I was diagnosed at 36, and I had a significant amount of blood in my stools and general lethargia. From what you've said, I think you should get a colonoscopy, just to ease your anxiety. Only this test will definitely determine the health of your colon, not a CATscan. I think they must have done the CATscan, to rule out any large mass in another part of the body. After I was diagnosed with colon cancer, which was caught early, thank God, during the colonoscopy, then, I had a CATscan, lung x-ray, blood work up, and rectal ultrasound, to make sure there was no matasteses. I've now had 5 colonoscopies in all. It's not that bad of a test. The prep is a challenge. I'm a survivor, because I went in early. This doesn't mean you have cancer, but "If in doubt, check it out." Wishing you all the best...

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