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Well...first of all, from what I have read it seems that colon cancer most usually cannot be "felt", until later stages. If this is true, then I guess either don't have it or it's NOT in the early stanges.

Today, for istance, I have had constant, non-stop pain in my lower left back and it is so painful that it seems to reach down the back of my leg to my knee.

Last night sharp pains in my lower pelvic area...actually...lower than pelvic...really, really low...kept waking me up. Mostly on that left side.

All of this began about three months ago when a sudden sharp pain hit me to the point of doubling over and I couldn't straighten up to walk for a few hours. This pain started on the right side, but within a day it was located mostly on the left. Now I have pain on both sides, but nothing like that first time it hit me.

My stool has changed a lot. Either diarrhea or very thin. OR it has a very odd groves or something.

I thought it was all gyno-problems so I went to my doctor only to find that it was too early for my exam to be covered by insurance so I just kept putting it off. I fianally got in to see my doctor a couple of weeks ago. That's when I found that nothing could be "felt" and I went for the CT scan to find it to be normal. And I know beyond a shawdow of a doubt that what I am feeling is not "normal". Not MY normal, anyway.

I called my doctor to day to schedule a colonoscopy, but he will be gone for two days. I'll hook up with him when he gets back.

Have you ever heard of this back/leg on the left side pain before?
Is it strange to have pain both in front and in back also?
Plus I am feeling so, so tired.
In fact...what am I doing up at this hour????

Forgive me for my lengthy description of symptoms. I sure wish I knew what this was.

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