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I'm sure your GI biopsied your esophagus to rule out Barret's esophagus...or cancer of the esophagus.. Sounds like you have had SERIOUS REFLUX. Has he addressed this problem? With acid reducers, etc? Vomiting at night too, consistent with Severe Reflux. I doubt you had pneumonia too, probably the ulcerated esophag... maybe bleeding, of course cough...etc.

As far as the shortness of breath goes :rolleyes: ... That concerns me. Describe it a little more... is it heart palpatations, or wheezing. I was like this about a year prior to my dx. of Rectal Ca. It was like I was sweating and I attributed it to just being out of shape!

Spot on your liver CAN be perfectly normal. Either the CT Scan is messed up (shadow), or you have a fatty liver (again normal). Did they repeat or suggest you have a PET scan.. THIS IS WHAT I WOULD PUSH FOR BEING A CANCER SURVIVOR... are you getting regular follow up for your post gyn ca?

I don't like the stool changes either, or definitely the blood (rectal ca has intermittent bleeding as symptom). Brighter blood means closer to distal (anus) end. DEFINITELY requires a colonoscopy to rule things out. It would also be plausible for the esophageal bleeding to run through... usu darker blood though. Flat stool COULD be because of your previous gyn surgeries... LOTS of Scar tissue develops. Or polyps. You are 50 and regardless of family history NEED A COLONOSCOPY. Which you are getting... No sweat! Just Prep is a pain, use hemmorhoid cream to prevent chafing.

How was the Hyst performed... lap or open, or lap vag assist? This can really cause much scarring, as well as increased fluid in the culdesac (pelvic cavity). (often times these days, depending where you had the surgery, they were trialing this "goop" stuff that they would leave in the abdominal/pelvic cavities post procedure to try and prevent adhesions.-- turned out to be a bust, and caused more problems than good with adhesions, etc). But adhesions and scar tissue can DEFINITELY cause pain like you describe. (Even the eight years later) If you did anything aggressive to pull anything, etc. Believe me, you get referral pain for many different reasons, nerve regrowth, etc. At 50, you may be developing back problems too, causing you to have pain down the legs... sounds like you have some pinched nerves for sure!!!

I think you have a GREAT attitude NOT to just freak out and jump to the conclusion that the cancer is back. You definitely need follow up for that spot on your liver PET or MRI or both, a colonoscopy, and blood work. Inflammation causes fluid to accumulate as well... talk with your MD's. Blood work (ESR Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) test will reveal if you have any inflammation and complete blood work. :D

Hope this helps. Let me know how things work out. And, thanks for the kind words. However I can help from my experiences makes me feel good. So, I'm glad other posts have helped you... hopefully this will too!! :)

Warm Regards,
CancerDad :angel:

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