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I am a 23 year old male. Grand-father had stomach cancer, dead at 42

Since I was about 16 I had bouts of rectal itching and bright blood on the toilet paper. Never saw anyone because I was embarrased. I also had constant changes in bowel movements. The rectal bleeding continued until now, but it hasnt bothered me for at least a month. Before it would get really itchy and eventually start bleeding. Recently with diet changes the stools look pretty good.

Recently the itching and bleeding stopped, but I noticed another problem. I thought my stools looked okay, until looking things up on the internet. My stools are usually pretty flat. About 1" wide and 1/2" thick. I am losing it now.

I also have these weird pain through-out my abdomen, usually on the right side at the base of the ribs (has abdonimal organs checked out before with no problems). This pain seems to be migrating. Starting in the testicle, then in the appendix area, now in the lower ribs. My pelvis would occasionally hurt as would my rectum, but this hasnt happened for a while.

I have an appointment with my doctor, I would just like opinions from people that actually went through this before. I am worried because of my age and histroy of anxiety, he will overlook this problem.

I also had bouts with what I believe were stomach ulcers, again never checked them out. I also had h pylori and am waiting to see if its out of my system

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