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Hi Ozzie...CancerDad is probably taking a couple of hours rest from posting but I know he will be helpful to you. I hope you will not mind my sharing some information with you, as I know others will too. We are all here to help each other through the tough times and to get support when we are feeling scared, anxious, etc.

It sounds as if your husband is Stage 1V if he has nodes in the liver. CancerDad and my husband were both diagnosed Stage 111C, my husband having a few more nodes involved than CancerDad. However, Ktee's husband was diagnosed Stage 1V and he is doing very well up to the last time we heard from Ktee. There are many others on the board who will support you too. I say all this to say we can imagine how you are feeling right now and how responsible you personally feel for helping your husband make the right decisions regarding treatment. My husband was nearly 65 when diagnosed, so not that much different in age than yours. He took the conventional treatment though they did not give him chemo/radiotherapy before surgery. However, both ways are common practise. If the tumour is large and there is a fear of blockage, they tend to do surgery first and then chemo/radiotherapy.

It appears that there is a good treatment plan for your husband and that he has made some wise changes to his diet. There are so many theories out there about treatment and it is such a personal decision. One thing I have heard is that one should always let your oncologist know if you are planning to follow any other treatment plan as there could be a conflict. One example of this is the fact that we were told my husband must not take any antioxidant supplements while he was getting chemo as it would conflict with the chemo. I am sure CancerDad will be able to give a more medical explanation for this. We are about to give him an Honorary Medical Degree as he is so knowledgeable! My husband really did not change his eating habits. He never drank alcohol very often he just does not want even an occasional drink. He eats a well-balanced diet and is just starting to exercise a bit (but not enough) He used to play tennis twice every weekend before diagnosis. My brother was disappointed that we did not combine alternative medicine with the conventional but, as I said before, I think you just have to follow your instincts on this. Researching and discussion is good and gives you a sense of empowerment at a time when you may feel you have lost all control over your life.

Even though at the moment, the future probably seems so scary and uncertain, you will get through this. Your husband is so lucky to have you by his side and to accompany him on his journey to wellness. I like to think it makes a difference to have someone who loves you dearly by your side at times like this.

It is nearly two years since my husband was diagnosed and we had some rocky times during his treatment but today, you would not even know he was ever ill. He has some side effects which are getting less each day....having to go to the bathroom more often as the tumour was fairly low in the rectum. Apart from that, he feels well and looks great and I am so grateful to have him with me....this experience certainly shows one what love really is and brings a special closeness.

We have no idea what our future will bring....every three months he has to get a CEA test and a scan will be done again in a years time as long as there are no signs of recurrence. Obviously, we are aware that the more advanced the stage is, the higher the chance of recurrence but with all the technology available to test, we just hope that if it were to happen, that it will be caught early. I just really enjoy every day we have together and hope it will be for many years.

I hope in some small way, this has helped and that you will post back with any questions that you may have. I am sure CancerDad will respond and gives you lots of help. He has had a rough time but has really helped others to understand what they are facing and how to deal with the challenge.

All the best,

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