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Re: Bleeding
May 11, 2005
[I]"I had bleeding, got it checked.. (earlier thank God) .. I had colon cancer, surgery and now in to my 3rd chemo treatment out of 26 but Im glad im here and not in Cancer Dads shoes.. Not that it was his fault but he has BIG problems because the doctors didnt do the required tests early enough.."[/I]quoted by MazRose

Maz: :)

As you said, you had bleeding and had it checked out. I too had bleeding and had it checked out by a [B]Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician[/B]. She said... "oh, you're so young, it's probably just hemmorhoids, or Advil, or stress," made me feel safe with it with her confidence, and I went on with life, with intermittent bleeding. This is when I was 28. I was then diagnosed when I finally went to a Specialist myself at 31 and was diagnosed with Stage 3C Rectal Cancer.

I am proud Maz to see you so inspired like me to pass the word that the ONLY acceptable thing to do with rectal bleeding is get it checked by a gastroenterology specialist. :angel: [B]We have to spread the word.[/B] I can't tell you how many ignorant PHYSICIANS I have heard about since my diagnosis... people whose hands within we place our health!

You speak about me having BIG problems now. I'm glad they are not BIGGER! Depending on tumor pathology, had mine been worse, I would have had even bigger problems, I'D ALREADY BE DEAD.

I have a REALLY CLOSE friend who was originally diagnosed 3C. She was doing her residency in Pediatrics. She kept telling them and telling them at the hospital that she had something wrong with her colon. They kept looking elsewhere. NOBODY LISTENED. She finally convinced them, and had a colon resection. But ended up having elevated CEA's months later.

She is now fighting for her life... had her chest cut open, only to find although they found cancerous tissue, that wasn't what was driving up her CEA's. It was the "shadow" the PET scan found on her liver initially but doctors disregarded, and her ovaries. She is now doing chemo, AGAIN. Luckily it seems to be working to kill the cancer-- enough off the major artery in her liver that made it impossible to operate when found a couple months ago, AGAIN. Point is, She, a Pediatrician, KNEW and told them, and was disregarded. She too, is young.

I Can't say it enough... ANY RECTAL BLEEDING NEEDS TO BE CHECKED OUT VIA COLONOSCOPE. IT IS NO BIG DEAL. PLEASE if you have ANY symptoms, PLEASE go get it checked. And don't rely on the words of ANYONE but a Gastroenterologist Specialist after you have had your COLONOSCOPY!!

This message is not intended to freak anyone out. It's just a wake-up call!!
CancerDad :angel:

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