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Hi POOhbear! I am so happy to hear that it is most likely an internal hemroid! That is such good news. I will continue to pray for you and (everyone else on these boards) until he is in the 100% clear! Its really encouraging to hear of people getting this test done and all coming back good. It's a scary thing (not to mention HORRIBLY embarrassing) to have something going on in such a private area....or any area for that matter.

You know, I truly wonder about doctors in this area. I also have a mild heart condition, and one night I woke with chest pain. It hurt for quite some time before it finally subsided. In the AM I called my cardiologists office and was told he was out for the day. So the nurse spoke with an on call doc and he said "i am sure it was not your heart as you are too young for that"....I'm like "what??" BUT I AM A PATIENT THERE! WHatever...what is it with docs not listening to their patients? And there seems to be a wide spread problem of docs using the 'you're to young' thing. I don't get it. It shouldnt' be so difficult to get care these days....especially when you pay out the bum(I figured it was the appropriate board to use that phrase! lol) for health insurance! Why are doctors so afraid to refer patients for testing? I too, don't understand why he didn't at least examine me...he seemed very unconcerned about the amount of blood (probably thought I was exhagerating...sp) simply because of my age. Who knows. I hope I'll have better luck with the new doc.

Again, congrats on the good news! I'll keep posting for sure....let us know how all turns out in your neck of the woods....

:angel: :

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