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Hi, I am so glad you are going to get a new doctor! I thought that what happened in the Dr.'s office did not sound right at all. Let us know when you get your new Dr. and new appt! I am not sure if I mentioned the outcome of our test yesterday - the GI Doctor was very good and took his time to do an unplanned sigmoidoscopy, and found what he said he was 99.9% sure was a prolapsed internal hemorrhoid. He said at first he was concerned it was a tumor but he got a good look at it and no longer thought so. He is going to schedule a colonoscopy and surgery for my husband. I am still a bit worried - my husband said sometimes he will bleed after a bowel movement for a few weeks or a month at a time and that has been happening for 15 years. I hope it was just recurring hemorrhoids that went untreated, because he also has external hemorrhoids. Then finally the one internal one must have gotten really bad because that's when he had mucus and blood without a BM and we went to urgent care. Symptoms seem consistent with description of the prolapse but we still need lots of prayers and support.

Regarding your description, definitely get to a new Dr. ASAP and get everything scheduled but do try not to worry too much as it appears there are so many treatable things that this could be. I am definitely not the best at not worrying as you can probably see from my posts, but I try! I will look for your posts to see how you are and will let you know more as our situation develops....

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