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I had the appt with the gyn and my pelvic exam was normal. She didn't feel anything abnormal. She couldn't refer me for the colonoscopy because she's a resident, and her attending wasn't there. She recommended I make an appt with my primary care doc because it sounds more like a GI issue (duh!). So I call to make the appointment and my doc is booked last night and today. I kind of start crying because I'm just spent, and they say let's try to get you in. I talk with a nurse and she evaluates my symptoms and tells me I should be seen, and to come in last night (after the gyn appt). I'm seen by this guy (who I've never seen before) who listens really well and examines me. He comes back and tells me I have IBS. I listen to him prescribe me Bentyl for the cramping (which went from unpleasant to painful yesterday) and Naproxen for what he calls a "tender right ovary," along with an hour a day and half a day on the weekend to spend time alone doing things for myself. He thinks stress is causing my symptoms, or making them worse. I ask him for a referral for a colonscopy because it would just make me feel better to know that everything's okay. He says no, because I don't have any of the red flags that necessitate a colonoscopy: severe anemia, strong family history of early diagnosis of colon stuff, symptoms of bowel obstruction and dramatic weight loss. So I'm like, um, aren't I possibly having some of the symptoms of bowel obstruction? He looks at me funny and says no, you're having the opposite. Your abdomen would be hard and you wouldn't be passing so much stool. And I said what about the thin stool 5 times a day? And the bleeding? That's not a symptom of IBS. I had enough to make the toilet water red. He said only 3 drops are needed to do that. At that point I was thinking to myself "#*@! you." He brushed everything off and kept reiterating the anemia, weight loss and such. So I left with prescriptions for anti-cramping and anti-inflammatory medications. So frustrated.

My plan now is to call my primary care physician and have her refer me to a gastroenterologist. I don't know what else to do. I hope it's just IBS, but why not just check for something else? He says the pain during sex is my tender ovary. The bleeding was the internal hemmorhoids pushed back by the anoscope. The increased bowel frequency, incomplete evacuation and always feeling like I have to go, in addition to the abdominal and lower back cramping are due to IBS. I just don't see the harm in doing the darn colonoscopy.

Anyway, that's what happened. If anyone has any advice or opinions, please tell me. I'm at a loss right now.

Andrea :confused:

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