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Did you have symptoms? How old were you when symptoms started?

What were your symptoms?

How old were you when diagnosed? How did symptoms change from the time of symptom onset to the time of diagnosis?

Do you have a family history of polyps or cancer?

What was your experience dealing with doctors? Were they generally helpful and want to investigate what was wrong or did you have to fight for answers?

My dad was 65 at time of diagnosis. Felt "symptoms" about 5 months before being diagnosed. He was diagnosed, stage 3c, cancer of the sigmoid colon. 7 of 13 positive nodes. 1 tumor which grew to the colon wall but not thru. No evidence of other metestas.

His symptoms were constipation (which he had never experienced) cured w/ phsyllium husks but persistent. He also felt "something" externally in the stomach area when he pushed while massaging. He does a lot of reflexology and experienced paid in the spots associated w/ stomach. They disappeared after the tumor was removed! (INTERESTING!!). Looking back his immune system was also depressed. He experienced a good deal of cold/flu over the 2 years prior. He NEVER got sick...then suddenly was experiencing colds/flu that would last for weeks! He also gained about 10-15 pounds. (usually they say you lose)! Actually looking back he also didn't look right (I know that's not scientific, but he had that somethings wrong aura about him).

No history of colorectal cancer in our family. His side has one brother who died just last week of lung cancer but that was from smoking. My dad did have hemoroid surgery about 13 years prior to his diagnosis. He should have been followed closely.

I should mention, my dad is an avid athelete, always has been. Ex-military. Never smoked or drank. Ran 20-25 miles (at least) a week, weight trained, ate healthy, healthy lifestyle and mentally active.

He instigated the check from his GP, who thought it was probably diverticulitis. He has had the same GP for over 10 years and never had a sigmoid or colonoscopy done or referred by him. No occult blood test, etc. My mom works in the medical field and found a wonderful surgical oncologist. He scheduled surgery w/in a week. No problems there! Great follow up. The medical oncology team was a bit abrubt at first, focusing more on side effects and stats that the actual person in there fighting the battle. But at the end my dad's doctor wrote him a personal letter, encouraging him and providing a lot of motivation and support.

You are right to look here. I have found a great deal of knowledge and wisdom here. It is true that experience is the best knowledge.

Much luck,
Thanks so much for sharing. It is amazing how everyone's stories differ. Everytime I hear or read another story it just confirms further how important it is for me to have a colonoscopy done. What you said about gaining weight and just being sick a lot really hit home. I haven't been able to lose weight since my son was born ten months ago, and I have had a cold for what seems like 6 months. I know having little kids in daycare plays a role in that, but I literally have not been myself since the middle of January. I know something is not right with me. I just hope I can convince my doctor to take me seriously!

Thanks again for sharing your dad's story. It really means a lot to hear from people with experience. You didn't mention how he's doing now...I hope all is well.


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