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Sorry I am so late to answer. Hope you read this in time.

The citro-mag is not as salty tasting as the fleet or the colytely. It is more of an acidic taste somewhat like munching on the orange part of an orange peel. Make sure it is cold when you take it, it is easier that way. No real need to mix it with anything, try to down it all in one gulp. If it looks too big for that then split it in two.
To counteract the taste you can try rinsing well with Listerine or Scope prior to taking it (don't swallow any though) , this may numb your taste buds a bit. You could try rinsing with Vodka too (again , no swallowing) to get the same effect but that would depend on whether or not you can stand the taste of mouthwash or Vodka :jester:

A two day prep can play havoc on the electrolyte and water balances in your body. Drink plenty of clear liquids and make sure it isn't all just plain water. Clear soup broth is good as is clear apple juice and, as I say over and over again in this forum to anyone who asks about preps, [SIZE=5]sport drinks[/SIZE] such as Gatorade Powerade or their generic counterparts are specifically designed to replace both water and electrolytes in atheletes so they work very well for those problems when taking a bowel prep too. I liked Safeway's store brand in the orange flavor but you might want a different flavor since the cit-mag is also orange flavored.

Gelatin desserts such as Jello is also considered a clear "liquid" if you really feel a desire for something solid (sort of).
Hi CancerDad,

I had full colonoscopies done on schedule in 2001, 2002 and 2003, all normal, and after the last one the GI doc said things looked so good I could wait till the 5th year (2005) for the next procedure. As far as CEA goes, I had no idea that test existed. I do know there was a blood test for several "tumor markers", and I know that was done several times the first year, but I was not told it should be done regularly. The last time I saw an oncologist was end of 2000, then the clinic I was going through self destructed over the next two years, and the several docs I had during that time didn't seem to know what I should be doing, even though I asked about the "tumor marker" test.

End of 2003 I wound up having to switch docs, and wound up with a family practice PCP. I asked each time I was to have a blood test that the "tumor marker" be done, he said "Yep" and I never heard anything negative afterwards. If I had known how critical this was I would have seriously pushed it.

Well, I just now got through the first round of Visicol, no problems except for the volume of liquid in such a short time, but I was able to handle it. I feel like I'm swimming in fluids. My procedure is late tomorrow afternoon, so I'll probably pop in here sometime Saturday with an update.

Jaydees, I wound up using the Milk of Magnesia and Dulcolax, and it worked well. I am drinking a fair amount of clear chicken broth and GatorAide, along with gingerale and fruit juice.

Thanks for the support!!!


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