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He won't even discuss it with me. Just says "NO" and clams up when I mention it. He is 52, has flat stools (I saw it once when he forgot to flush) and has blood in his stool (could just be his hemorrhoids).

Anyway, my 49-year old sister died of colon cancer last September and my 2nd colonoscopy is scheduled in July. I want dear husband to get one at the same time.

The only doctor he goes to is an internist for his diabetes. The last time he went, I called the office and told them to please try to refer him for a colonoscopy. When he got home, he never mentioned anything so I don't know if the doctor said anything or not.

He knows the colonoscopy is a snap because he was there with me during prep and recovery (however, I am sorry that I did state many times that I would rather die than drink phospha-soda again) This time I'm trying the visicol.

Any suggestions?

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