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Thats a good point you made about appendicitis and it possiby being other things. I looked at the symptoms and don't believe it is that though(not sure if thats good or bad). I do tend to have the pain on the right side more than the left but it goes to the left and middle a lot as well plus my back. Also I don't have other symptoms of this and the doctors did press on me and would have detected a enlarged appendix(I hope).

The main reason I think it could be cancer or an illness as bad is because of the blood in my stool 2 or 3 times.

At the hospital they gave me a blood test and all the other test they could do to rule out the normal suspects and it basically ruled out everything else except 4 possible things...colon cancer, internal hemrroid, anal fissure and polyps which I need a GI test for.

But I guess your all right and I am contacting the hospital so I can be referred to a specialist.

Hopefully I'll have the insurance before I go see the specialist so if diagnosed with anything serious I'll have full coverage. Cause as you all know the cheap insurance companies won't cover any "pre existing" conditions you have for a year and I hear that your care isn't as good when the doctors know you don't have insurance and can't afford to pay for everything. I am self employed not rich sooo, I guess we'll see how this plays out.

Thanks for the support everybody. When things are finally going your way it seems life throughs another curveball.

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