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Right now im having 3 BMs a day, with no problems at all but damnit, I want my colonoscopy just for peace of mind. [/QUOTE]

Exactly! Knowing that problems are not physical unloaded a huge portion of my stress. Last few months were real hell to me, I was waking up and going to bed thinking to have a colon cancer.
Even if the results were bad (thanks to God, they weren't), wouldn't make any sense to wait further, sooner one get diagnosed, better the chances to survive.

To complete my list of symptoms, I also often have stools full of mucous, terrible stomach cramps waking me up in the middle of the night with bad diarrheas, almost total inability to digest vegetables (beans, corn, salad,..) and some fruit. The constipation was never present, though, if you don't call constipation straining hard to push out tiny, flat stool.

All of you having similar symptoms, please have a colonoscopy asap - it is easy, painless and safe procedure. If it hopefully, and as in majority of the cases, turns out to be nothing, even better - you get a huge unload; if you are less lucky, keep in mind that a majority of the people survive this terrible desease, the key is early diagnosis.

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