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Quote: "I had a colonoscopy done & they found nothing outside of large hemmoroids. The doctor said there was nothing to worry about. However, I continue to have intermittent stomach cramps as well as these very bright red flecks of blood in my stool."

I very much hope your doctors did not miss anything.

From my personal experiences with both bleeding hemorrhoids and a problem with bleeding ulcers many years ago I find bleeding hemorrhoids can appear as anything between red flecks to a toilet bowl saturated with bright red blood. On bad days they can be so irritated they continue to drip blood after the BM is complete--for a few moments at least. Soaking in a very hot tub of water is a good treatment for this problem, and it's free. (I should follow my own suggestions!) :rolleyes:

Bright red blood can, of course, also be an indicator of more serious problems in the rectum or the sigmoid colon (the lower-most portion of the colon connected to the rectum), but both of these areas are easy for doctors to investigate and it is highly unlikely they would miss anything.

Other bleeding problems, including bleeding ulcers, that take place higher up in the digestive track usually present themselves as very black tar-like stools, or more normal color stools with dark blood lines on the stools (difficult to detect by eye, at least with my poor eyesight). Thus, the difference between finding blood in or from the rectum vs. finding blood "in" the stool vs. finding blood "on" the stool.

As for BM pain or lack of it: Hemorrhoid discomfort is infrequent burning or itching and never, at least in my case, connected with BM's. Keeping in mind not everyone is the same.

I hope this helps answer some of you questions.

Best Wishes To You,

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