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How much the blood is mixed in with your stool, often indicates where the bleeding might be. If the blood is coming from higher up in your colon or intestines, it will be mixed in with your stool more and will be darker in color. If the blood is redder and sometimes dripping from the rectum or redder in the stools, often that means the blood is coming from your lower colon or rectal area. No matter what, blood in the stools is a major cause for concern, because, it is a primary indicator of colon or rectal cancer. It should definitely be checked out, via a colonoscopy. It does not matter if it is darker in color or dripping from the rectum or loose in your stools, it needs to be checked out. It could also be something else, but please do not take that chance and wait, hoping it is nothing. I made that mistake and ignored the blood, at an early age. It turned out to be colorectal cancer.

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