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The colonoscopy was normal, thank goodness! I had myself convinced that I had cancer. The doctor took some biopsies to rule out colitis, which I guess is standard practice. Also, he noticed some internal hemorrhoids which he said are most likely the cause of the bleeding.

I am very relieved now that I know it's not cancer, but I'm also perplexed because something is still very wrong. It's back to square one, trying to figure this out. I'm wondering if my symptoms are being caused by adhesions from my 2 c-sections. But the fatigue, memory loss and concentration problems, and a few other symptoms are not consistent with adhesions (from what I've read so far). Anyway, this is where I'm at now, and I won't bother you all with it because it really doesn't relate to the purpose of this forum. I'm thinking of posting on the women's health board to see if anyone there is having similar problems.

I do want to thank everyone who posted in response to me. You all had excellent advice and are incredibly selfless with your knowledge and experience. If it weren't for all of your advice I probably wouldn't have had the colonoscopy and thus ruled out colon cancer. I am so immensely grateful for that. I wish you all the best of luck.

Take care, and thanks again,
hi lyndru

great news....... a big weight off the old "bacon rind" (cockney slang) but maz is right .... you need to know whats wrong so give your docs hell till they find out.

it would be a great idea to try the womens board and also because you mention "fatigue, memory loss and concentration problems", maybe the menopause board (sorry cant find from your posts what age you are ((as if that made any difference)) ). i can identify with that one ...... i went for another follow up appointment yesturday with my GP ..... got the right time but the wrong day :dizzy:

good luck anyway

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